2013 Belvoir Challenge: Across the Vale in the cold!

Last weekend saw us heading out to the local countryside to photograph an annual event that is held to help raise funds for Harby Primary School: The Belvoir Challenge!

It was a cold morning and I headed off early to our pre-arranged spot at the top of Harby Hills with my pal John Perring and we settled down to await the runners. We didn’t have to wait too long, after half an hour or so the first runners on the Belvoir Challenge appeared.

Photography of the Belvoir Challenge 2013


After an hour or so we moved up to the woods just above Stathern to our second spot in order to catch runners on both the 15 mile and 26 mile route as the came running through. Credit to the preparation and training that most of them were still running strong at this point, despite the challenging route and the temptation of cakes and Mars bars!

Photograph of runner in 2013 Belvoir Challenge


Results of this year’s Belvoir Challenge are available to view¬†on the official web site.

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