Belvoir Challenge 2012 Event Photography, Harby, Leicestershire.

Last Saturday saw this years Belvoir Challenge starting in our village, with hundred of runners taking part in the gruelling challenge running or walking through the local countryside. The day is organised by the Friends of Harby School and Vale Striders Running club and has been running since 1990. All profits go towards the running of the local school; as my daughter will likely be going there in a few years time I’m all in favour of this! Clearly a lot of the runners are running for charities, some of them very personal to themselves. Seeing the runners wearing BLESMA tee shirts struck a chord with ¬†myself as my own Grandfather was very much involved with the running of the British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association many years ago when he served as their general secretary. As a child I remember being fascinated by his prosthetic limb and Granddad challenging me to hit it as hard as I could – which always left my knuckles a little sore! It’s sad to see soldiers still suffering the same injuries, but at least reassuring to know that prosthetic technology has improved greatly and the support is still there for those unfortunate to be severely injured in the service of their country.

The day was great for running, being quite mild, but dry and with not much rain recently the ground was pretty quick. Not that I can really be a great judge of how quick the running was, as I chose to spend the time photographing the competitors with my good friend John Perring. Apologies to any runners that we put off – especially with John lying in a ditch with his camouflage jacket, aiming for some creative camera angles! Congratulations to all who took part and competed their own challenge, whether 26 or 15 miles!

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Photograph of runners starting the Belvoir Challenge 2012 running in aid of BLESMA

Photograph of runners in the Belvoir Challenge 2012 running uphill towards Barkestone

Photograph of runners in the Belvoir Challenge 2012 by Dreamlight Photography

Photograph of runners in the Belvoir Challenge 2012 by Dreamlight Photography