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Norwood Park Wedding Photography

I was fortunate enough to photograph Charlotte and Graham’s Wedding at the beautiful Norwood Park last year. It really is a beautiful venue and the weather was amazing all day, with beautiful blue skies. This presented many excellent opportunities to photograph the couple, family and guests in the magnificent surroundings. Like most weddings this was […]

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Roger and Gillian’s Wedding, Mar Hall, Glasgow.

Looking out of the window on the morning of Roger and Gillian’s wedding I was a bit worried to see dark clouds and rain threatening. I needn’t have worried as it seems that Gillian and Roger, in addition to planning their perfect day, had organised some fair weather to blow in over Mar Hall. There […]

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these are fantastic steve!!!! thanks so much! can’t wait to see the rest! x


Fabulous photos reflecting a fabulous day. Sandra

Steve Dunham

Thanks for the kind comments Sandra. It was indeed a lovely day!

These really are superb, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for making our special day, extra special.

Steve Dunham

You are most welcome. Really pleased you love the images and it was great to be a part of your special day 🙂

Grant and Heather’s Wedding, No. 29 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

A typical Glasgow day so far as the weather went, a bit of rain, a bit of sunshine, and a little bit windy;  but the weather was never going to spoil Grant and Heather’s wedding. At the rather stylish venue of No. 29 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, this was always going to be a day to […]

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Linda Britton

Love the photos Stephen, you’ve really caught the atmosphere and the quirkiness of the venue and surroundings. What can I say about Heather and Grant….they look so happy and that comes across in the photos.
Linda x

Steve Dunham

Thank you for the kind comments Linda, it really was a lovely day, and although the lack of light was challenging at times, it certainly makes for nice atmospheric shots. There’s no doubt that they make a lovely couple!

Mar Hall – what to expect for Gillian and Roger’s Wedding!

Up in Glasgow last weekend visiting family, and took the opportunity to visit Mar Hall and have a look round as I’ll be photographing Gillian and Roger there, when they are married in September. Lovely venue to be married at and I’m sure it will be a fantastic day and everyone will love the surroundings. […]

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